Who We Are: ONE Family spreading God's Love throughout the USA. ONE Family joyfully being God's hands & feet in this world.

We are HONORED to announce that Fairy Marie will now be sending Luvmail to God's Children ages 3 & BEYOND (3-100), whether they are sick or healthy in US, Canada & UK!!!! FOR FREE. :D

Please send the following info to receive Luvmail:
1. Name of Adult (Name & Age for child/children)
2. Mailing address

Things You Should Know About Luvmail:

-Luvmail will happily be sent out to Any Being Ages 3 to 100 (Seriously!)
- Luvmail for adults include: Coloring, Puzzle, Sudoku Or Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoos, book markers & band aids (Other FLAT items when available).
-Luvmail for kids include: Coloring, Activity sheets Or Play Pack Book w/stickers, tattoos & band aids (Other FLAT items when available).
-All we ask is that you let us know when it arrives either on our wall or in private message.
-We reserve the right to select which goodies ANY being receives.
- Mail is sent out every Sunday (Unless stated otherwise).
- Luvmail is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE & Our Family Joyfully Funds This Mission with 100% of our OWN funds!!!
-To request Luvmail visit us on Facebook Or Email Us 504uplifting@gmail.com

God Bless!

A Review of Luv

Fairy Marie sends Luvmail to little boys & girls in US, Canada & UK (Sick Or Healthy Ages 3-12). FOR FREE.
Please send the following info for each child:
1. Name & age of child/children
2. Mailing address
3. Facebook Page (if applicable)
To request ‪#‎Luvmail‬ simply message the page - Random Acts of Luvmail
OMG!! Look at the goodies my brother and my sister in Love sent to me via Amazon!!! I'm so grateful and joy filled!!! That Smiley Face Confetti is just giving me life!!!!
I went with hubby to get toothpaste and the sticker aisle started calling me!! Sooo, I purchased these in the photo!!!
My sweet friend Nina L Ward runs AOK Acts Of Kindness in California. She goes out and feeds the homeless! This month she'll have kids there so Jodie (my daughter) and I put 30 Luv Bags together for them! Jo is headed to the Airport Post Office (which is open 7 days a week) to get these out on time to her!!
 Headed to (4) sweetie pies through Sunshine Snail Mail!!
A batch of ‪#‎Luvmail‬ headed to (8) sweetie pies this evening!!