Who We Are: ONE Family spreading God's Love throughout the USA. ONE Family joyfully being God's hands & feet in this world.

What is Luvmail: It is small goodies sent to children & siblings ages 3-12 living with ANY illness or special need. *Amendment* If a child is 12-18, but are mentally 3-12 we will Happily send them Luvmail as well

We also send to Teen Girls & Women who are dealing with sickness (ANY - Physical Or Mental), Bullying, and Abuse (of ANY Kind).

To request mail please email us 504uplifting@gmail Or visit us on FB God's Luvmail Mission
*WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to choose which Goodies ANY being receives!

My 10 Commandments

My 10 Commandments:
1. Always Be Yourself
2. Defend the Helpless
3. Live Unafraid
4. Love Unconditionally
5. Serve Others
6. Laugh Daily
7. Walk In Complete Faith
8. Be Patient
9. Live In Simplicity
10. Always Forgive