Who We Are: ONE Family spreading God's Love throughout the USA. ONE Family joyfully being God's hands & feet in this world.

What is Luvmail: It is small goodies sent to children & siblings ages 3-12 living with ANY illness or special need. *Amendment* If a child is 12-18, but are mentally 3-12 we will Happily send them Luvmail as well

We also send to Teen Girls & Women who are dealing with sickness (ANY - Physical Or Mental), Bullying, and Abuse (of ANY Kind).

To request mail please email us 504uplifting@gmail Or visit us on FB God's Luvmail Mission
*WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to choose which Goodies ANY being receives!

Happy Birthday To Us!!

On this day 7 years ago I began my journey of running this mission. I had my sister and my daughter helping me pack boxes and hubby of course has always been our financial backer and delivery guy. We have achieved so much in 7 years and we plan to achieve so much more! We have been blessed to send Luvmail to 13,365 being so far! Our goal is 1 Million, so stay with us so that you can witness it!!