Our family (for 8 years) has been sending mail to little children (ages 2-11 Sick or Healthy) in the US, Canada & UK! We believe that EVERY being deserves to SMILE.

Luvmail for kids include: Coloring & Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoo & band aid and other items when available!!

To request simply send:
Child's Name, Age & Mailing Address
to our Fb Page Or
email requests to 504uplifting@gmail.com

Thank You For Choosing Random Acts of Luvmail! God Bless!

A Few Necessary Changes

Due to financial changes we unfortunately have had to make a few heartbreaking changes. Effective immediately the following will no longer be offered UNTIL our finances may allow it.
-No longer able to offer Luvmail to adults
-No longer able to offer Luvmail to teens
-No longer able to offer Monthly Luvmail to kids

We have asked for help via our personal pages and our Facebook page, but were unsuccessful. So, unfortunately we have to make these changes until our finances allow us to once again offer these things. This BREAKS my heart, but I can't keep stressing my family financially.