Who We Are: ONE Family spreading God's Love throughout the USA. ONE Family joyfully being God's hands & feet in this world.

What is Luvmail: It is small goodies sent to children & siblings ages 3-12 living with ANY illness or special need. *Amendment* If a child is 12-18, but are mentally 3-12 we will Happily send them Luvmail as well

We also send to Teen Girls & Women who are dealing with sickness (ANY - Physical Or Mental), Bullying, and Abuse (of ANY Kind).

To request mail please email us 504uplifting@gmail Or visit us on FB God's Luvmail Mission
*WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to choose which Goodies ANY being receives!

Happy 5th Anniversary!!

On October 1, 2012 our family celebrated our 5th year running this mission (504uplifting/Luvmail).  This mission has been a true labor of love and dedication to The Father.  Since starting in October 2007 we have mailed over 12,000 love bags to children, adults and hospitals throughout the United States.  In 2008 we even had the blessing of sending love bags to an orphanage in South Africa!  What a joy that was for us!

There have been many ups and downs, but thank God there have been more ups than anything.  We have had the honor of loving and losing some amazing kids who have gone home to Our Lord.  We have had the blessing of rejoicing in many others beating this horrible disease called cancer.  Throughout these past five years we have all changed for the better.  We all understand that life is both precious and fragile.  We've learned to not take it for granted.

Because of our family mission I've been given the pleasure to participate in many OUTSTANDING organizations like: Spirit Jump, Make A Child Smile, Send Love Today and my favorite of all Chemo Angels.  Spirit Jump and Make A Child Smile are no longer functioning, but when they were they did AMAZING things for children & adults battling sickness and disease.

My goal is to run this mission until My Father calls me home.  I'm blessed to have a family (Dre & Jo) that supports this mission 1,000%.  Without them and the beautiful supporters we've had in the past this would not have been a full success story.  God touched hearts to make this take off and I'm forever grateful to Him.

I look forward to MANY MORE years of spreading God's Love to those in need!!!