Who We Are: ONE Family spreading God's Love throughout the USA. ONE Family joyfully being God's hands & feet in this world.

We are HONORED to announce that Fairy Marie will now be sending Luvmail to God's Children ages 3 & BEYOND (3-100), whether they are sick or healthy in US, Canada & UK!!!! FOR FREE. :D

Please send the following info to receive Luvmail:
1. Name of Adult (Name & Age for child/children)
2. Mailing address

Things You Should Know About Luvmail:

-Luvmail will happily be sent out to Any Being Ages 3 to 100 (Seriously!)
- Luvmail for adults include: Coloring, Puzzle, Sudoku Or Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoos, book markers & band aids (Other FLAT items when available).
-Luvmail for kids include: Coloring, Activity sheets Or Play Pack Book w/stickers, tattoos & band aids (Other FLAT items when available).
-All we ask is that you let us know when it arrives either on our wall or in private message.
-We reserve the right to select which goodies ANY being receives.
- Mail is sent out every Sunday (Unless stated otherwise).
- Luvmail is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE & Our Family Joyfully Funds This Mission with 100% of our OWN funds!!!
-To request Luvmail visit us on Facebook Or Email Us 504uplifting@gmail.com

God Bless!

Christmas 2012 Pt 7