Our family (for 8 years) has been sending mail to little children (ages 2-11 Sick or Healthy) in the US, Canada, Europe & UK! We believe that EVERY being deserves to SMILE.

Luvmail for kids include: Coloring & Activity sheets w/stickers, tattoo & band aid and other items when available!!

To request simply send:
Child's Name, Age & Mailing Address
to our Fb Page Or
email requests to 504uplifting@gmail.com

Thank You For Choosing Random Acts of Luvmail! God Bless!

Christmas 2012 Pt 9

Today we delivered 100 Luv Bags to the patients at Children's Methodist Hospital
here in San Antonio!!

A HUGE Thank You to my daughter Jodie and my sister Monica for helping me make this 
year's Christmas give such a HUGE success!!!